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Ahhh, The Peoples Court.. what a great show. I recall watching it in my youth, and one of my fondest memories was the case where that little kid jumped off the neighbor's garage roof. it scared the daylights out of me.. but the show under the ruling of Judge Wapner (sp??) was definitely a staple of my elementary school pre-disney afternoon schedule.

I recently started watching it again as part of my lazy-ass unemployed and unschooled daytime television routine. My mom told me about the new Judge of The Peoples Court and referred to her as a really tough and aggressive man-hater. Immediately I ran in and watched it, because there's truly nothing more entertaining than an angry judge. But to my surprise, I didn't find Judge Milian to be a man-hater at all, and I soon found myself beginning to really like her. I found her to be insightful, a good listener, completely fair, and many of her opinions coincide with mine. She's a tough cookie, of course, and isn't afraid to tell someone when they're being a total jerk, but she's a lot fresher and more fun than Judge Judy. She doesn't go around insulting people just for ratings. The last few episodes, she's totally cracked up at what people say. (The girl running away from a hotel room with a guy's pants had me in stitches, and she was so sweet about awarding him a great deal more than he asked for in terms of compensation for his embarrassment.)

And let me tell you, there is something to be said for a judge who comes down from behind her.. um.. seat-thingy (yes, marvel at my impressive knowledge of court jargon), lies down on the floor to look at all the cracks in a fireplace screen, and looks really really cute doing it. She's the best judge on daytime TV, by far!!

I notice this is one of the first entries in this community... well, I'm a definite People's Court lover, so I hope you won't mind more entries from me. Adieu!!
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